Open Meaningful.

Send a prerecorded heartfelt video message to your loved one to unlock later, all kept for safe keeping and regular reminiscing in secure long-term cloud storage.

Cherish their special day the meaningful way.

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Take your time expressing your warm wishes with a prerecorded video message that unlocks on your special day.

Set Reminders

Never forget to send a meaningful message on a special day or just because.

Pre-Record Messages

Have the time to put thought into your heartfelt message and have it unlock for your loved one on a future date.


Cherish is where meaningful happens. It’s the dedicated digital space where you can share memories or heartfelt messages that are raw and real.


Ad-Free Experience

No ads or need for clever captions and filters, just authentic memories and expressions of love.



It’s like your digital keepsake box that will grow and travel with you and your loved ones now, later, and always.

Long-Term Cloud Storage

All messages are automatically saved in secure, long-term, cloud storage.

Easy File Sharing

Create a vault that saves messages to give to your child or other loved ones later.

Start embracing meaningful.

Send your first hug.

Record a heartfelt message and have the message sent to them now or have it unlock on a later date for them to cherish forever.

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Loved one doesn’t have the app? Don’t worry, they will be notified of the hug via text.


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