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Giving a Hug

Forming the Habit of Expression

In the early phases of our Cherish venture, the most common question we get is “why are you passionate about bringing this product to the world?” One thing I appreciate is that Peter, our Founder/CEO, and I have slightly different answers to that question. Peter’s initial inspiration for the product was born out of a…


Bottle up the magic at your wedding.

Amanda and I were married in October of 2011, well before Cherish was a conceptual brand or company. On the morning of our wedding we wrote a letter to each other expressing our love and commitment to one another and then sealed that letter, along with a bottle of wine, to be opened up at…


Cherish Inception

On March 21, 2018 I was driving alone and lost in thoughts.  My wife and I had recently discovered we were pregnant with twins and that day I was thinking about increasing my life insurance policy.  As I debated the merits of leaving my children enough or too much money, and how to structure it…


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